Automatic Gates Cairns

Cairns Automatic Gate Systems installation and maintenance.

We can install a brand new automatic gate, or in most cases, automate your existing gate. This can be paired with an intercom system and cameras at your gates. The possibilities are endless. We offer Installation of Automatic Gates, Remote Control Gate and Garage Door openers to new & existing gates & Garage Doors, Domestic & Light commercial applications. And don’t forget our excellent after sales service!

Automatic Driveway Gates will not only add security, convenience and peace of mind but can also increase the value of your home.

automatic gates Cairns remote controller

Cooper Norman Electric Gates for all aspects of automatic gates Cairns. Intercoms, Mobile Phone app, remote controls, new installations and all maintenance, contact us below.

Automatic Gates Cairns FAQ

What’s the servicing schedule for automatic gates in Cairns

Low volume usage, such as a domestic home will usually only require servicing once or twice per year. Medium to heavy use gates will require a service schedule of 3+ times per year. Adverse weather conditions can affect the long-term performance of automatic gates.

Cairns is frequently subjected to intense rain, humidity and heat, however a well maintained electronic gate system should last up to 20 years.

Do you have any tips for maintaining automatic gates in Cairns

To increase the longevity of your electronic gate, it’s a great idea to wash down your running gear and lubricate the chain and wheels. Be sure to use a degreaser to clean the chain before adding some white lithium grease for a durable finish. Test the gate’s operation to ensure smooth travel.