Customised DIY CCTV

We see so much DIY CCTV these days.

Unfortunately, it’s tricky to navigate and certain aspects of installation and config make the end result totally unsatisfactory in many cases that we see.
We get it, you would like to save some money because you are confident that you install this yourself. Your site maybe very accessible and easy to cable, your mate maybe a sparkie. It’s your house, or your business, and you are capable to do the install.

That’s why we have created the Customized DIY CCTV by Cooper Norman.

  • We use the same highly tested and reliable brands we know and use in our own installs.
  • We will preconfigure the cameras and recording device to your exact requirements. It’s all just plug and play.
  • No more coiled up kit cabling. Its maybe too long, but in most cases more likely it’s too short, with big connectors that are very difficult to install.
  • With Cooper Norman DIY CCTV you can carefully measure you cable lengths, and we will custom produce UTP Cat 5e Data cabling exactly right for your job.
  • We consider what cameras you need, your mounting methods and a bunch of other practical requirements for your system.
  • This is a true Digital, IP, Commercial grade CCTV system that you can install yourself.
  • You end up with a system way superior to most DIY Kits and it will work reliably.

If you’re looking for DIY CCTV solutions, contact us below and we’ll be in touch.