Security Systems Cairns

Security Systems Cairns installation and maintenance.


If you are considering installing an alarm system, you probably already know you need one. A Cairns home security system is a strong deterrent to criminals,  we have seen this first hand. Research shows the majority of break-in criminals will typically avoid properties with invisible security systems.

You do not have to install security cameras with your alarm system but we highly recommend it. The value of capturing visual proof of a break in can’t be emphasised enough. Have a chat to us about a simple camera system for your property and you may be surprised how affordable it is. The quality of today’s cameras is something to be seen to be believed as well!

With modern technology there is really no need to pay for a third party to monitor your property. All our security systems Cairns can be viewed and operated on your mobile phone or computer screen. You will be getting real time notification if your properties security has been compromised.

We can even update your old clunker to a modern sophisticated security beast, get in contact below.

The Cooper Norman home security system

Whilst CCTV Systems create a security shell surrounding your home, you don’t want the inside of your house or business to be unprotected.

Cooper Norman Alarm Systems:

  • Will not only alert the Intruder that they have been detected, they will also alert the owner too, no matter where you are. After receiving an alarm message on your phone, you have the power to view your Cameras and access the situation all from a safe distance. You can disarm your security camera system and when all has rectified arm it again to continue on as normal.
  • Allow Partial Arming and Perimeter Protection Sensors. You can be in bed and still have certain zones on your property armed to protect you while you sleep. Arming and disarming zones right from your phone app makes this very easy. Rest assured no one can enter your property without triggering your CCTV system.
  • Cooper Norman have many years’ experience with Alarm Systems in Cairns and will supply you with a feature rich modern alarm system that is easily operated and maintained.

Security Systems Cairns FAQs

What do I need to consider with a cairns security system

There are several things to consider when choosing or designing a security system. Cairns has a relatively high break and enter rate in given areas, making a quality workplace or home security system a worthy investment.

Our security systems in Cairns are tailored to your specific commercial or domestic needs. Typical inclusions are:

  • Security system control panel. This is usually a wall mounted panel where the overall security system is programmed and controlled.
  • An audible alarm. Security alarms are a good deterrent to move intruders on once activated. This will:
    • Help prevent the continuation of the offence, and;
    • Draw attention to the premises for witness statements if needed.
  • Motion sensors to indicate areas of movement. This is helpful for larger buildings in identifying intruder locations and activities.
  • Door and window sensors will identify entry / exit points and will activate the audible and/or silent alarm.
  • Security cameras / CCTV will provide a visual record of any activity captured within view of each camera. This can be critical in identifying offenders.
  • Window stickers and / or larger, more visible signs to deter would-be intruders.

As you can see, there are a few things for you to consider when designing effective workplace and home security systems in Cairns. Call Cooper Norman, the leading experts in commercial and domestic security systems Cairns.



How do I get notified if there is an intruder in my home or workplace

Your Cooper Norman security system will activate a response as soon as an alarm has been ‘tripped’. The audible alarm will notify those in and nearby the premises that a response has been activated. This is usually an excellent deterrent for continuing an offence. You will then be notified via message that an alarm has activated at your home or workplace.

If security cameras are installed, all data will be recorded and you will be able to access your CCTV system via your mobile phone to view what is actually happening at that time.

You can also use your mobile phone to disarm and re-arm your security systems. Cairns and its surrounds are beautiful places to live and work, however it does pay to be security conscious and protect your home and workplace.